The primary purpose of the UltraLux UV device is to reduce signs and symptoms of diseases caused by infection with viruses or bacteria or characterized by excessive inflammation, when other treatment options have proven insufficiently effective.

Although the UltraLux UV devices may be successful as a primary treatment option, available data indicates use as a concomitant, secondary or tertiary treatment to:

  • reduce viral load
  • reduce bacterial load
  • reduce inflammation

Comment on using UBI on Antibiotic resistant pathogens

Dr Michael Hamblin PhD – Harvard Wellman Center for Photomedicine biology comments in his letter regarding Ultralux UV

… In general, it has great potential to quiet the cytokine storm in sepsis and effectively treat some of the ESKAPE pathogens.

It is my opinion that this device should be welcomed as a potential candidate to treat the above disorders.  It is safe, it has been very effective in the past ….. It is appropriate to repeat what I said the end of the review paper. “We would like to propose that UBI be reconsidered and reinvestigated as a treatment for systemic infections caused by multidrug- resistant Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in patients who are running out (or who have already run out) of options. Patients at risk of death from sepsis could also be considered as candidates for UBI.”

-Michael R Hamblin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

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