The evidence is in…and has been for quite some time. Whether you are a doctor or a patient wanting to get to the facts and see the scientific and clinical evidence for the efficacy and safety of this therapy, you will find sufficient information to make an informed decision.


Ultraviolet Therapy had its early beginnings with Niels Ryberg Finsen, a Danish physician and scientist, who gained a Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1903, for pioneering UV therapy with his phototherapy treatment of lupus vulgaris (tuberculosis of the skin, a bacterial infection not related to SLE). Emmett Knott, a physicist, built on Finsen’s work by developing an effective means of using UV radiation to combat internal infections. Since that time, numerous studies have been compiled from around the world.

There have been a variety of methods or combination treatments incorporating biophotonic therapy throughout the years and right up to today, some of which have received more attention and funding.
In looking through some of these studies you willresearch

find that although the protocols may have differed, the scientific principles should be considered congruous.Some of the following terms can be either synonymous to biophtonic therapy or an adaptation of it:

  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation – Synonymous
  • Photophoresis – cells are seperated and the lymphocytes only are treated with UV light. Photosensitizing agent is added to the lymphocytes  before being passed by the UV Light.
  • UVB, UVBI or UV Therapy – Synonymous
  • Photoluminescence – Synonymous


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