UltraLux 750 and 300

  • Four lamp system
  • UVA, UVB and UVC energy utilization
  • 360 degree reflectorized surround
  • Lamp life tracker
  • Easy to use
  • Site glass allows user to monitor lamps
  • Accepts 100 – 240 volt electricity

Product Description

Precision engineered and quality guaranteed, the UltraLux 750 fills a void in the world of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or Biophotonic therapy.  Practitioners worldwide will benefit from the advances that have been made in Ultraviolet technology which have been applied to our UltraLux line of products. The UltraLux 750 is designed to provide optimal UV energy to the blood as it is channeled through our unique quartz cuvette and back to the patient.  Surrounded by two UVC lamps as well as a UVA and UVB lamp, the blood absorbs photons from all sides which ensures adequate light penetration. With the UltraLux 750 you can be sure that you are providing patients with the best possible therapy.


ce The CE marking has been diligently pursued by UltraLux UV. It represents that UltraLux UV has met all the essential requirements of all relevant European Medical Device Directives. The Directives outline the safety and performance requirements for medical devices in the European Union (EU).


isoISO 13485 is for medical devices and shows that all requirements for regulatory purposes have been met. It includes a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. While it remains a stand-alone document, ISO 13485 is generally harmonized with ISO 9001

Quartz Cuvette

750 cuvette

Product Description

Cuvettes are specialized blood tubes that allow the UV frequency range to be transmitted into the blood. It also has a patented mixing design. The use of 15 mixing elements in it imply a 33,000:1 mix factor, so the already thinned fluid is fully randomized and exposed to the external light. The tight fit of the insert to the walls guarantees actual positive displacement flow to ensure similar exposure time of all the fluid. No bypass or channeling can occur, which will happen in other straight tube systems. The UltraLux UV cuvette design is the only model that has a gentle, precise total light exposure and mixing. Each cuvette is sterile packaged. They come in packs of 10. Watch the procedure to see how the unit is used.